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Geographical limitations are now a thing of the past & local businesses have been progressively branching out into foreign markets. We provide foreign clients the necessary support to expand beyond local borders by helping them set-up their entities in India & vice versa & understanding the local laws which governs their business.

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Business expansion

  • Assistance in setting up branch, liason or project offices in India & overseas

  • Company or Partnership registration as per the local laws

  • Assistance in all regulatory compliances applicable to the business on an ongoing basis


Risk assessment & Due Diligence

  • Advise the client on what all compliances are applicable to their business and the risks attached to them

  • Due Diligence of companies in case of acquisition, joint ventures, investments or partnerships

Our Services


International Trade Contracts

Drafting Trade contracts, Reviewing Agreements & related Compliances


Legal Advisory

International regulations & policies such as FDI policy, FEMA regulations, RBI compliances etc.

Advantages for foreign companies to do business in India


  • Affordable human capital: Skilled Labour at reduced cost

  • Higher Production for a lower cost as raw materials are relatively cheaper

  • More Availability of Workforce

  • Government subsidies and incentives

  • Largest Consumer base in the World

  • Technological disruption

  • Ease of entry regulations

Be Local Go Global


5 factors for Indian companies to consider while setting up business in a foreign country


  • The ease of registering a business

  • Access to skilled talent

  • Employment, FDI and foreign exchange regulations

  • Liberal tax treatment

  • Foreign trade policies

  • Cultural considerations

  • Economic and political considerations

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