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Business licenses / registrations

  • 1 hour

Service Description

Once your entity has been registered, step two involves ensuring that you have the necessary licenses and registrations which are pre-requisites for you to commence a business. Such licenses & registrations depend upon the location where the business is set up, the activity of the business, type of entity, etc.  Business-specific licenses - Trade Licenses, FSSAI License, Shop, and Establishment Act License, etc.  Tax registrations - PAN, TAN, GST registration, Professional Tax registration  Digital signatures  Registrations for start-ups i.e. DPIIT recognition  Registrations for small enterprises i.e. UDYAM Registration  Protection of Intellectual Property Rights such as Trademark / Copyright / Industrial Design / Patent registration (read more) (Intellectual property rights are like the heart and soul of any start-up. Many start-ups face a common fear that their idea or plan could be stolen by someone. Hence any business needs to protect its intellectual property rights on a priority basis. In addition to this, start-ups should also check that what they are planning to do or what they are planning to sell is not already protected by someone else. This will help safeguard them from getting caught up in unnecessary legal issues such as trademark infringement or other IP violations after spending large sums of money on their business.)  Export-related licenses like export/import licenses, IEC, RCMC code

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