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Our services in this area

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  • Tax impact analysis for your business transactions

  • Assistance in preparation and filling of monthly/ quarterly/ annual returns

  • GST related services :

                 - GST Audit to be filed annually in Form 9C
                 - GST Advisory services
                 - Assistance in obtaining registrations under GST or other legislations
                 - Verification of the records maintained as per the GST provisions

                   and identification of any inaccuracies
                 - Review of contracts and agreements to evaluate the tax impacts
                 - Certifications as required under various acts and provisions
                 - Assistance in filing Advance Authority Ruling in order to seek clarifications
                 - Assistance in drafting responses to notices, inquiries and liaison with

                   concerned authorities
                 - Conduct due diligence reviews from the indirect tax perspective
                 - Conduct reviews to ensure tax compliance’s are being adhered to

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