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Debt Funding Options  



Debt Funding (also referred to as debt financing or debt lending) is a way for a business to raise capital through means of borrowing. This funding will need to be repaid at an arranged later date, usually through regular repayments with added interest. Businesses can either raise formal debt from banks and NBFCs or through company restructuring arrangements such as mergers & acquisitions, amalgamations, JVs etc.

  • Business Loans

  • Project, Asset Finance

  • Real-Estate Finance

  • Loan against property

  • Trade finance

  • Personal Loans

  • Working capital 

    -Bank overdraft
    -Bank guarantees
    -Letter of credits

    -Short term loans                      -Cash credit       

How can we assist you?

Preparation of sanction documents


Liasoning with lending institutions

Ensuring compliance

Negotiating terms

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